Alexandros Kassandrinos


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Alexandros has been a named partner at KVP since April 2011. He has extensive experience advising on Corporate law, Maritime law, Civil and Public law, as well as Art law. He has served as the Chief Legal Counsel at Alpha DORYFORIKI TILEORASI S.A. and at MOTODYNAMICS S.A. and he holds an LL.M. in Maritime Law from the Hamburg University in Germany. He concluded his legal studies in the University of Passau Germany and in GOETHE University of Frankfurt Germany in 2004.

He is a renowned member of the Maritime Lawyers’ Union and the Civil Lawyers’ Union. He has also been an active member of the Transportation Law Committee of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) as well as a member of Cycladic Young Patrons of the Museum of Cycladic Art. Alexandros is a devoted art lover who turned his passion into a project. He is the founder of the {Just/αrt}* project whose main purpose is to connect the concept of law with modern/contemporary art throughout various exhibitions in related spaces as well as the emergence and the support of young artists.

{Just/Art}* events

  • May 2016: Stratis Tavlaridis solo exhibition at the KVP office premises
  • December 2016: Dimitris Antonitsis solo exhibition (“King Otto and Amalia”) at the former royal stalls of King Otto in Thission Athens
  • March 2017: Dimitris Antonitsis solo exhibition (“King Otto and Amalia) at the Greek old Parliament building in Nafplion- Argolida Greece.
  • May 2019: Leoni Yagdjoglou and Panagiotis Tzanetakis exhibition at the neoclassical building in Asklipiou in Athens (Showroom10).

He has published numerous articles on issues relating to art and actuality in newspapers, magazines and different sites such as,,, eleftherotypia etc.

He speaks german, english, french and italian.

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